Free Will Writing Service

As a member of Unite you can take advantage of the free Will Writing service provided by our legal partners.

A legally drawn up will is a written statement of your wishes that enables you to make important decisions that affect your family and friends after your death.

For example:

  • Who inherits your estate (i.e. everything you own)- who are your beneficiaries ?
  • Who will act as guardians of your children ?
  • Who carries out your wishes ? - your executors (and your executors may also act as your trustees if your will creates a trust).
  • Why would you create a trust ?
  • Which charities, if any, are to benefit from your Estate ?

All of these issues can be incorporated in a will. A properly drafted will can spare your family and friends a lot of unnecessary work and upset at a time when they are least able to cope. It also reduces the possibility of making your will invalid or contestable. You can alter your Will or cancel it at any time.


A solicitor's knowledge and experience of the Probate Registry's procedures will save family and friends having to undertake complicated legal work at a distressing time. Obtaining the Grant of Probate and ensuring that the assets of the estate have been collected and liabilities discharged, can involve time consuming work dealing with a number of organisations. 

UniteHome have negotiated preferential rates for Unite members with our legal partners.